Strange Stats

Well from time to time I do check my “Site Meter” to see who’s been, all i can say is it does through up some interesting results:
Apart from visits from bloggers on my blog list like : Suzanne, DB, Melonie, Wahwer, Heather, sharon, Moogie and Co.
there are a few visit via my blogger profile page and a few page visits directly many of which show a 0 second visit guessing – couldn’t wait for load or they were robots.
I see Miss Zooty visited obviously to see what all the “blog tagging” was all about.
Some Searchs the find by Blog:
– from someone in Singapore.

– from a Person in the UK, searching for Forcast Fox (i think)

– a google image serach on “WTF” from Mississippi , got a few searches exactly like that. hmm MSN search on Gopher’s Im guessing.
even got a link from my gretna story
Blog Search for Gretna Serach
But the best one has to be the “random” next blog that sent someone here: I ain’t putting the link here… but there is a “lesbian sex now” blog out there, no idea how long it’s existed but it was Visit 2,183 it was on Apr 5 2006 at 12:26 am and the person was from eygpt – it’s a strange world.
I also got a few technorati search hits from Moggies World and a whole lot more RANDOM stuff, I guess only a few people get my blog as the “random next blog” (ain’t they LUCKY…)

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One Response to Strange Stats

  1. Junebugg says:

    I get found by some of the strangest searches, like recently it was “attractive cheek dimples”, “nude cowboys”, and “harley frog”.Oh well, as long as they visit. However it would be nice if they left a “HI” in the comment box.

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