Fairytales do come true…

Totally Random Posting:
Now most people in the UK if you ask them what they know about “Gretna Green” they’ll say it’s the place couples go to elope, and people still do that and get married properly in “The Old Smithy”, the Local Blacksmith shop, as that’s what kids used to do was escape to and get married so their parents couldn’t do Nothing about it. Im sure there are places like Gretna Green all over the World..
Well now it’s gonna be famous for something else. You see it has a football team, which was until a few years ago in the lower division of the english league system. One day this pony-tailed guy with a ciggy in one hand, came round wanting to see the manager, who was cutting the grass, yeah that’s how small the club was, that and the local baliff’s had been around a few times to check up on the kit locker to see what was there incase they need to sell stuff to help settle debts. The Guy was Brooks Mileson, that day he left a cheque for £ 20,000 to help the youth team as that’s what the manager had said really needed to the money not thinking he’d get a bean. A year passes , same dude comes around, managers still cutting the grass, and the guy goes “what to want to be Manager or Groundskeeper?” and the dream started. He put money where is mouth was, not spending huge amounts of cash but giving the club players insentive to play and win. Someone came up with the idea well were close enough to scotland to play in the Scottish League, why not apply and we’ll see, they got in to the Scottish 3rd Division. Brooks Mileson has a dream of playing in the Scottish Premier league one day soon, he’s building a statium to match the premier league rules on minimum size etc. They won the 3rd Division title last year and were promoted to the 2nd Division this year which they have already won with games to spare they are that many point ahead of 2nd place. Dream come true, I mean what other team boss says you score a hat-trick this week and you get my Austin Martin to drive for a week, he did and his main scorer Kenny Deuchar did it last year and got the car for a week as well as the match ball as that’s what happens if ya score 3, you get to keep one of the match balls as a souviner. Now your saying what’s so special well they are in the Scottish Cup final against Hearts who are in the Scottish Premier League the top division, they have had to put out opponents for the divisions above them to reach the final. Well the semi final that put the there was last Saturday and what did the boss man do, he go celebrate, no he went to the animal santuary he has to help out as well it’s lambing season and well one lamb was born that night, and it may just become the most famous lamb since “Larry” as he said he might get it to lead the team out at the Hampden Park – the scottish national statium. This is the first time anyone from the “lower division” has made it to a cup final in many years. They got a slim chance of winning but even if they lose, they could end up playing again the Elite of Europe in the UEFA cup, total fairytale. The guy behind it all is even gonna let the guys go away for a few weeks after end of the league proper to recharge for the final on him, he even paid for a load of tickets and transport to make sure the supporters could go see the team in the semi. I mean you all know what it’s like you support your local team be it football, baseball, basketball, american football, ice hockey. You should at the ref, the players, the TV when they do something STUPID. It’s all in the passion, that man is going places. If someone had said to me to put a bet on “Gretna FC” in the Scottish Cup Final back in August when the leagues kicked off the season I’d have laughed, now I’d be crying because I’d have made a MINT.
Good Luck Gretna FC and Good Luck Brooks Mileson don’t worry you’ll be able to smoke all the way back home.. (Since there is a smoking ban in place now all over Scotland)
From another Black n White Fan – That will be “The Pars” like but come on Kenny put one in the net.

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