A Film Review: Duma

What can I say be well directed and brilliant film. It’s about a boy and his best friend a cheeta who he raised from a cub after his dad almost running over it one night after it’s mother had been killed by lions.
They live out in the african wilderness, farming the land. Many names for the “pet” are tried but only Duma seem to fit, we see duma grow up learning to run like a cheeta should, reaching the speed of 80-90 kph in seconds it’s breathtaking. It reaches the point where Duma must return to the wild. The boy’s dad however takes ill and they plan to take Duma back to where he came from and released. However like many thing in life his dad doesn’t see his plan to the end and dies, his mother realising they can’t run the farm so they have to move to the city to stay with his aunt and Duma is supposed to go somewhere to be looked after. When the get to his aunts the man who’s picking Duma up isn’t going to be there for a few days, so duma stays too, but escapes when he gets frighten after chewing on a TV remote, only due to the fact he scares the aunt who runs out the door, this is of course seconds after his mother has left to pick him up. Duma follows the truck and well causes chaos at school when he turns up naturally the boy is not bothered, just scared for Duma safety.
The boy then decides to forfil his fathers wish and return Duma to the wild, on the way running into a drifter who’s out to make a fast buck maybe but then realises that it’s not the way once he gets to know the strange pair and decides to help but not before being stuck in an old diamond mine when the pair realise he’s trying to make that fast buck. After getting himself out the mine, he catchs back up to the pair after duma gets cuaght in a trap and agrees to take them to the mountains, however drifter gets sick as he’s bitten by something nasty, the boy saves him by running to a nearby village in the dark and with lions about, tying duma up to protect the stranger but duma escapes and finds a mate but comes back to say goodbye one last time. I highly recommend you rent / buy this movie.

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