Now dear reader a semiantly-reoccuring theme of my “life” (ha now that is a joke – I don’t have one or rather very much of one!) I do sometimes just think “Why do I freaking bother!” Example tonight “dearest” mother said she’s seen the griter lorry out gritting the road and said so, you might get have a bit of trouble getting out in the morning – to which I go “I don’t think I will, it’s going to be ok” now was it something I remotely said – Do I need to go see a “shrink” now I know I’ll be fine due to wonderous tool called “ForcastFox” the accuweather.com extension for Firefox, okay so -3C (27F) overnight isn’t exactly tropical but expected for time of year. I hear mutterings from mother! I think i should just maybe not say a fucking WORD, so I go to try and smooth things over by saying that I’ve checked the weather on the computer (that and I do listen to the radio on the way home and catch the local weather forcast). Now my mum isn’t into computers and never will I’ve tried for past 15+ yrs to get her to try and use ’em but to no avail – it takes her to work the freeview box & the Video/DVD combo player that is downstairs, so PC’s are beyond. I was told “in future I’ll not say a word even if there are 10 gritter lorries….”
Hmm oh that and a good friend seems to be ignoring me in a game Im back to playing even although I said “I was giving it up” I can’t I’ve tried – they coding hurt my head too much, still is because Im determine to finish the id3v1/(v2)/ mpeg frame find and read php class (ID3v2 spec is erm well ya interesting!)
Now Im away to watch “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” on DVD which I got today.

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One Response to Why……do……..I……….even………..bother!

  1. Laura says:

    hee, hee… Took me a second to translate the gritter lorry into CINDER TRUCK (that’s what us Yanks call them). Safe commute, eh?

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