What I decided and other stuff.

I decided to stop my subscription to World of Warcraft for a while, it was doing my head in and well tonight I think I totally screwed up on my old Guilds Team Speak just hope someone can forgive me, darn my mouth can get me in so much trouble sometimes!!!!
Also since I have the time I thought I’d write my own ID3 Tag read class – you know those nice MP3 type files, it will read the file and tell me what the artist, album, song, year, track, comment as well as information such as the mpeg version / layer / file bitrate / sample frequency but it’s glitching – i won’t go into it too much just going to say the what Im looking for isn’t easy to find I’ll just say this
“AAAAAAAA AAABBCCD” < the 1st 2 bytes header data I need to read
where it says “A” it means that has to be a 1, the rest can be mixed so you can see not easy as 11111111 => FF => 255 is a common occurance in the file, most of the time the code I have works, working on fixing the code to deal with the rest (that don’t)
Oh yeah and dispite the snow I was able to get to work 😦

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2 Responses to What I decided and other stuff.

  1. Laura says:

    WOW… I didn’t realize you spoke another language 😉 You might have just cussed us all out in computer-speak and I’d be none the wiser…

  2. Moogie says:

    Ew..snow. Well, I dunno, I’m busy picking gnats out of my teeth. I’m not sure what’s worse. Hope things have calmed down a bit for yu.

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