The Weekend

Well lets see what I’ve done this weekend…..
Not a lot 😀
Well that’s a lie, i posted a letter yesterday before spending the most of the rest of the day watching my nephew play football, or playing Fifa ’06 on the PS2 with nephew (he won all the time). Finally got a break when I help him get a bit further on in one his Harry Potter Games on his Gameboy Advance. I managed to eventually “escape” at around 6 for some food and then chilled out watching the magic roundabout and eating pizza before playing some World of Warcraft
Today so far I’ve spent an hour freezing trying to get a 2nd hand part out of a old car to put in my oldest sisters car to no avail it’s the alternator and it’s hard to get out as no tyres on the thing so no way to get a lift on it.

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