MY Router – Continued!

Sorry If I made some people go eh!? or make their brain hurt a little trying to understand it, sorry it’s my technogeekie side showing.
The basics of it are it a bit of kit I plug my adsl line into, plug my computers into , power up and it connects them all to the net flawlessly. I have something similar set up on one machine it uses software to do the same thing using a seperate modem instead of having one built in. That explain it better, well I got a e-mail reply today from the makers of it – I put in a support request on it and got the reply back today, I’ve to check / Change something (I won’t go techie on ya) and double check my e-mail server settings with my ISP and hopefully all will be well. Im gonna do that at the weekend. I’ve had a fun few days and I will post about them soon, when I can find energy to do another post..

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