My Router – The Final Chapter….?

Okay well I got another router a really nice D-Link 504T which does all that i want it to do finally got it hooked up, and it all looked like it was working swimmingly until I noticed I wasn’t getting any replies back from spamcop for all the spam I report and Mailwasher had been hanging kinda and i had to force it close.. I then let it finish 2 related errors it couldn’t connect to my isp smtp service to send mail out..
Theory checked with a quick test mail which FAILED..
So as of now I’m back on the old system that has worked so faithfully
ADSL Modem Uptime 8hrs..

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One Response to My Router – The Final Chapter….?

  1. Melonie says:

    I would like to post a witty comment, but you lost me after D-Link 504T. I keep telling you I do not relate well to technical terms. Is that the thingamagig or the do hickey?

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