No I’ve not died

I am still alive, I have been leaving descreet notes of this around the blogsphere, a comment here and there to let some pople know Im still here.
What a week or so it’s been at work. We’ve got a few contracts that are just now starting to kick off in a big way, need the equipment all checked and working so that’s what I’ve been doing, that and talking nicely to our dome camera suppliers about the next fault I’ve found with one of their cameras – not been many just the order I think was a little rushed as well our customer was going hmmmmmmmm a lot on deciding what to go for etc.. Built the 1st lot up to discover hmm dodgy on/off switch in that it wouldn’t switch at all, unfinished welding on a dome didn’t look good and could have leaked and a camera failure which of course meant I was delayed in getting the 2nd customers cameras checked over which I’ve just done or at least enough to be going on with, as well what I’ve checked goes live as of monday, customer #1 is getting it all done over the tuesday / wednesday and on one of those days I will be out the office at an other customers helping my colleague finish off the cabling of their new alarm system which i’ve then gotta adjust the programming on, name the zones, types of zones, users and user codes, redo the engineer code.
So what time I’ve had has been taken up either sleeping or chilling out I’ve not forgotten any of you guys out there honest.
I will try and get out this weekend and takes some pictures I need the exercise I think..

Hugs to all

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