m***********g bl***y routers!

In case dear reader you hadn’t guess I’m well to put it mildly ROYALLY PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!! Now I got a router on saturday, lets just say it wasn’t upto the spec I wanted returned it and got it changed for one that claimed it would do the job with Port Forwarding and the like, look at manual – impressive should do the job. Did it, did it HELL as like. I set it up and after logging in with the default admin & password supplied guess what I got….. A Page very, very similar but with fancy graphics to the 1st router i.e all I could do was set up my username and password to connect to my ISP, no menu system, no **** all.. Me ROYALLY PEEVED! only set it up today as well was busy yesterday, so tomorrow is gonna be a very good day, unless your anywhere near the either end of the phone when I call the shop………..
Do Not By Origo ADSL Routers – what they say on the box isn’t what ya get inside!!


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