In Reply to "A Quiz of Questions"

Okay thank you for the response I’ll try and be as open and honest as I can and if I can’t I’ll say I can’t.
What a varied and mixed bag of questions well I did ask for that.
Here goes.

    DB – Hmm here are yours.
  1. Where’s the nearest Pub… and why aren’t you there partyin more often?

    Hmm nearest Public House (if you can even call it that more of a Dive) is called the Cleickim Inn simply because one of the roads near it is called Cleickimin Cresent, it’s well lets see down the bottom of my street, near my Favourite Pizza place, about 25 yrds away. Why aren’t I partying there more often it’s not the place to party, got a few places to party but hmm they are far enough away to be good places to go but full of people, Im not really a party person, Im the quiet type didn’t ya know.

  2. When are you planning to visit Hawai`i?

    Hmm tricky one as well I don’t actually own a passport, only once been outside mainland UK, well not really now as there is a road joining the Isle of Skye to the mainland but been to the Isle of Skye & Thruso to the North of Me and London for my friends wedding and a few other times – furthest south I’ve been. So erm not for a while.

  3. How long have you been in IT?

    Strictly speaking Im not in IT, although my job does entail the use of computers and doing technical support for the companies 2 engineers + all our customers who have problems with their alarm systems. I’m also the guy that gets the new kit to figure out how it all goes together. If your taking involvement with PC’s / computers then since i was about 10, on ye olde BBC B Microcomputer at school, typing in programs to see what they did. Got my first computer (so to speak) when i was 12, ZX Spectrum 48K elite computer, I’ve just picked up stuff from there like how to build, install new parts and resolve hardware / software conflicts – although somethings still puzzle me. Hope that answers your questions.

  4. Junebugg
  5. How the hell did you get the name Gopher?

    Hmm well that’s an interesting story actually. I did go to university right after I finished school (bad idea probably!). I did get to meet a lot of people, I made some good friends most of which I keep in touch with today. Univeristy was a high point and a very low point as well, all i can say is I’ve stared into the Abyss but didn’t leap (Don’t ask for any more info!). I have a love of computers and well I was good at finding things plus there was around that time a puppet on kids TV over here called “Gordon The Gopher” now my first name is Gordon so you can see how it came about, don’t know who started it, it just happened and I didn’t get mad at them. It would be Gordon go find this on the net, evetually it became Gopher Go find this as well I was good at it, Still am at ferreting out Information, glitches in blog templates etc. Yup Answered that 😀

  6. Jackie
  7. Can you describe your best childhood memory?

    Hmm this is a tricky one Jackie, I have a few. The one I gonna go is a christmas one, I was 12, mother had put ribbon all over the living room for me to follow, I found bits and pieces, a TV, my computer and such it was fun, set it up and well played it till it died (which was quick – it had to a fault 😦 ) never mind got fixed.
    Another is summer time I’d always be out till like 9pm at a local Country Park, I knew most of the staff by name, I have this infectious humour and ability to make friends temporarly so was never bored. Reminds me need to go find a few of the people I know from back then.

  8. Moogie
  9. If you could pick one thing in your life to do over or change, what would it be?

    Hmm I honestly can’t think of anything I’d chance as well if I change something in they myriad of possiblities I may not have gotten to know you all if my choices had been different. It’s actually a miricle Im here at all, let’s just say there is a the gap between my age and my parents is greater than my age. Maybe the one thing I’d have changed is getting my spine fixed when I could have gotten it fixed easier or rather trying not to have it needing to be done in first place.

  10. Wahwer
  11. Seaside vacation or mountain getaway?

    Hmm now that depends on who’s going with me. I don’t dislike large crowds but sorry I can’t take the heat so it would have to be some where cool, somewhere I could actually relax, if i can even remember what that is. Most likely it would be mountain getaway as the Seaside places tend to be crowded with idiots thinking they are cool..

  12. Roxi
  13. Who are you?

    Tricky, and yet not tricky. Many meanings to this question. Who am I..
    Well my name is Gordon, I’m 31, from a village in Western part of the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. I don’t have a girlfriend at the momement, my previous girlfriend was my 1st girlfriend, lets just being dump hurt. Im F.I.N.E (go watch the Italian Job – the remake for what that means or google it). I’d say FINE sums me up actually quiet well. I like a multitude of musical styles and stuff from Queen to Athlete, Ash to The Chemical Brothers and many more I can say I listen to. Im the youngest of 4 children (although I will only acknowledge having 2 sisters – I’ve hinted why in previous posts) I read many books from Harry Potter to the Kinsey Milhone series so I have wide musical and reading tastes. I can cook, have written poetry – see my website for that – link on sidebar. Think that does that.

  14. Vicky Waters
  15. I’ve never been to Scotland, so if I go what food unique to Scotland should I try?

    Hmm well there is the thing Scotland is famous for Haggis, my some fresh caught local brown or rainbow trout is nice if you like fish. We are the crossroads for such a diverse range of people that you can get any style of food depending on where you are. I’d say Haggis or maybe black pudding (bit dry for my liking), or find a fish and chip shop and have fish n chips – we do it real nice up here 🙂 – Hope that helps

Wow long post took me a while to write hope that answers all your question.

  1. What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” on television? Is it some reality show? A soap opera? A sitcom?

    Hmm i don’t really have 1 as such, it’s certainly not “reality” TV sorry I hate that whole senario. Probably be something like Dr. Who or something like that..

  2. What is your favorite literature (I use this term loosely) genre? Mystery? Sci Fi? Fiction?

    Hmm Well I like a bit of Sci-Fi, I’ve read all of Douglas Adams books, Some of the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchet. I also Read Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone series so mystery, crime, sci-fi oh and I’ve been known to pick up the occational book by Jill Mansell

  3. Do you fish?

    In a word, NO i like fresh caught fish but I don’t have the patience to sit and wait for a bite, the few times I’ve tried I’ve gotten nothing.

  4. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

    I had several like Hong Kong Fooey, Captain Caveman and the like well early 80’s toons, ya dig

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