Why do I even bother?

I sometimes wonder why I even bother to have a blog you know. Why I bother to leave comments on other peoples blog, that I read on a semiently daily / weekly / biweekly basis at random points. I often even wonder why I get up at all sometimes, why I put up with all the shit I put up with, taking flak from all around and stuff. I often can’t be bother posting even I have something to say, often can’t be bother posting comments on other blogs. I even think of deleting the whole thing and disappering offline forever sometimes. Unstable is how best to describe me right now, can be happy doing something completly boring or really intrigacate and be bored with it the next sec or if it’s World of Warcraft get pissed off when Im clearly doing something and the enemy comes along (1,2,3 or more) and kills me when Im busy doing something then laugh like it some motherfucking joke to them.. Times like that I just think why do I even bother.
Post could go on and on but you get the point.. Comments are On (For now!)

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