I’ve survived christmas

Well I can say this I survived Christmas here at the ranch although it was a close run thing let me tell ya. Well I had 5 glorious days off work. Had Friday off, the weekend I don’t work weekends :D, and Monday Tuesday off as well. So All in all not bad, sat back, chilled out to my vast music collection, played World of Warcraft but in a totally chilled out way, decided my 2nd Skills such as First Aid, Fishing and Cooking needed to be upgraded as well as my main Professions of Mining and Blacksmithing so with this in mind I set about fishing for some of the strange and wonderful things you can fish for in the various parts like Mithrel Headed Trout and Deviate Fish – hmm Cooked Deviate fish has a party trick up it’s sleeve so to speak it turns ya in to a pirate for 30 minutes and your pretty immune to certain spells and the like. Christmas day was fun got up late well 11:00, had a shower. My older sister and BIL arrived so I got them their presents while waited on mother coming back from church so presents could be opened kinda thing. Although parents had already opened the ones they had gotten from me and other people. Mum did like her Phantom of the Opera DVD box set :D, the stuff I ordered from http://www.lush.co.uk and the Jim Reeves CD. Dad loved his Clint Eastwood DVD Boxset as well in fact he even managed to put it the DVD player and play it amazingly. Well left for a “few” hours to see my other sister and nephew since well you know they ain’t on speaking terms yet. Nephew as per NORMAL was spoilt rotten but he’s worth it (most of the time). Hmm amongst other things he got a Gameboy Advanced + several games to go with it, A Robosapien V2 (this was to make up for last year when the Robosapien he got didn’t ****ing work – dispite a new controller and that being sent – this year it was tested before hand 😉 ), a table football game which he set up on the floor and played with anyone that came too close (bending rules to suit him of course), and various other things like a MegaBloks F1 Racing car that well he’d hinted at just a little while ago hmm guess someone heard him (major Kudos to me:D). Instead of 2 hours I ended up staying 4 – oh well had dinner there as well which was much more fun than dinner at home would have been (trust me on this one folks!).
Oh what did i get hmm well 2 litres of Bailey’s Irish Cream :), a Winter Car Care kit which is coming in real handy right now (it’s gonna be cold tonight -6C [21F]), a powered hand shaving kit, hmm smelly stuff as per normal and a Suduko Computer Game and after me getting my digital camera – I didn’t get very many photos hmm shall have to work on that one..
Oh notice anything different about the blog? It’s a clue to another gift I got, but can you work it out?

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