Have ya Heard?

They gone and done it now, the Politically Correct Brigade has gone TOO Far this time!
Why I hear you ask?
They’ve gone and Messed with the Winnie the Pooh stories.. They are replacing Christopher Robin with a girl who’s more of a tom boy than a girl – FFS your messing with a classic..
Please leave yer views on this on.
Good Idea or Bad Idea, ie would A.A. Milne be happy or has the planets orbit gone a bit wobbly since he started spinning in his grave. I mean christopher robin was the writers son how can they MESS with this?

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4 Responses to Have ya Heard?

  1. Jackie says:

    Hey Buddy How ya doing?? NO way mess with Winnie the Pooh, that sucks. I wish they would not be so politically correct.

  2. Melonie says:

    I tried to comment yesterday and blogger wouldn’t let me. There is a possibility that blogger found my rage a little too much and threw the comment out. In a nutshell I said, yes there are things in all society that need changed for the betterment of all people, but changing Christopher Robin to a little girl does not better any person’s life. I put it right up there with the “Freedom fries” some overzealous talking head senator decided was a good idea. Neither idea show much intelligence, do not improve the lives of others, and are in my opinion done for the attention it gets the person that had the idea in the first place!

  3. D Brooks says:

    I’m all for women’s rights and all, but changing Christopher Robin to a girl is just wrong! Next you know they’ll be givin the Terminator a sex change, and who wants to see Arnold in drag?!

  4. Gopher says:

    DB – hmm Bad Mental Image that… thanks for that.. but your right PC brigade in Britain is a PITA…

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