How did I get here?

Ok how random a post title is that and how random is this for a post? You can sort of blame Wahwer & Melonie for this, kind of anyway. I was chatting this morning to my good friend & colleague at work, Susan. We were just chatting about random things, when I go “How Stupid can I be!” (Moogie, Sharon, Melonie & Wahwer – don’t even THINK it!!) Refering to a piece of info I’d asked someone for and realised I actually just needed to go look it up again as it’s not written down anywhere not even on my PC, how strange eh!
So this then launched somehow into a potted history of how I got to know Melonie, Wahwer, Sharon & Moogie as well as the rest of y’all. I think this is going to be a series of posts about my life (not sure yet) a bit along the lines of my Honesty post. So how did I end up with a blogspot blog anyways? Well I could go back to ’92 but for now we don’t need to go that far just yet. I’ll go back to ’99 instead. This was when I didn’t have gainful employment, was on a government funded training course to get me my wonderous NVQ Level III in IT. This is also back when I got my first pc thanks to my good mate stu, it wasn’t the Ub3r 1337 thing I have now! It was only a little P1 150 with I think 32Mb of Ram, 1Gb of HDD and running Win 98. I met my good friend and tutor Richard on this course and he persuded me to start doing something useful with my pc, start “crunchinG” SETI@Home work units. The first took 80hrs and I thought why! We then discovered a faster smarter way to crunch them and it took me only 25hrs to do 1. My good friend stu gave me a free upgrade to a shiny AMD K6-3-400 with more HDD space and more ram. Now I’d joined up in the same team as my mate Richard and we weren’t doing too well as well being as the team were a subteam of Uber Geek Squad – Arse Technica – Team Lamb Chop to be exact. We then formed our own team before finding Team Free-DC just the kinda team for us. We both then eventually moved to other project as we found out there was more to do than just SETI, I got to know Moogie through Richard and well e-mail and comments left on moogie’s blog and my Dear Diary pages. I only had a DD thanks to the persistance of my adopted lil sis and good friend Jen. I then read Moogies post about sharon and her struggle to help Bing, Chatter and Leo in the world. I again left comments, was asked if I minded comments being left, e-mails being exchanged not me. So I eventually moved to Blogspot and set up shop so to speak. That’s where I got to know Melonie, and through her, sharons & Moogies blog got to know Heather, Chase, DB, Fiesty, Miss Zooty, Zonker, Acidman, Dax, Ward and whole heap more besides (even if I don’t leave a comment I may read your blog now and then). I then one day clicked on Wahwer’s blog and well things have never quite been the same. I don’t regret anything I’ve done then, okay maybe some of you will disagree and I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with my actions (many of which don’t see the light of the blogsphere). I suppose you could say I’m a bit like an over enthusiastic puppy dog, eager to please and bounding about with loads of energy, I suppose I can say I can be a bit full at times, but that’s me..

Hugs to ya all, and don’t think you can hide, just come here and get your hug it won’t hurt a bit.

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