I blog there for I am.

Weel Im sorry chase that ya dinnae understand ma lingo, bit weel it’s kinna hard tae read yon southern bit I manage nae bother, ken. Oh wait ye’ll nae ken will ye, ya’ve nae idea whit Im on aboot dae yea.
Noo i kid go on bloging in broad scots bit a think I’ll gee it a bye. That’s better it’s not actually that easy to type in broad scots believe it or not you really have to think what it is your typing and how exactly the word is spelt, now that sounds like simple don’t it, it’s not being as I am used to speaking it but not writing it.. This could of course be worse, I could as easily attempt to write this in Gealic but even I would have difficult understanding it, or worse yet Doric which is a bit like Gealic but they speak it around about Aberdeen and the like. Now Britian is really nice it has well lets see now 6 languages all of it’s own, maybe a few more if you count localisations of english. Well we have English, Scots (localization), Gealic, Doric, Irish and Welsh. So watch out because next time i may not post in english 😛 I may post in welsh or irish, probably welsh although Im sure one read would annoy me by pointing out all my mistakes I make in welsh, but I’ll let her off as she’s allowed ;).
Oh I am still alive and with it, just have had nothing to report well saying that the server at work throw a disc, not nice it’s not responding at all even when something that should have worked was done it didn’t – blames the stupid ass that set the thing up in 1st place for sticking OS and Data in the same Raid set, but enough as I don’t wanna go over too many heads..

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