In Light of Recent Posting (Pt. 3)

Okay Now for Part 3, I think you have absorbed the other parts (or your ignoring them totally cos your a smug git!)
Okay Now to get you away from the spyware causing program Internet Explorer (which I only use to read my Hotmail (via MSN Messenger) and for radio stations since it dont’ work well Firefox due to them being RETARDED!

  1. Go Get Firefox Here

  2. Install it

  3. Run it

  4. It will import all your IE cookies, passwords, Favourites etc Over 🙂

  5. Go to tools Menu & Click Extensions then get more extensions in the bottom right

  6. Grab what you think you might want,

    like Adblock – Get it Here it’s the latest version

    Download Manager Tweak – nice tool lets you put the downloads as a tab rather than a seperate window

    Foxy Tunes – Lets you Play your favourite player from within firefox – I use it for Winamp controling – setup is a bit tricky.

    PDF Download – lets you save the pdf to your HD rather than load it – gives you the option 🙂

    Forcast Fox – need I say anymore 😉 Nice Tool

    Media Player Connectivity – Smooths out a few bugs with some sites and Firefox if you don’t got Media Player 9+ installed.

    Play Launch – Fools and lets you play videos with MPC

    Blog This – Tool of use to us bloggers Im sure lets you grab bit to blog not 100% sure on this tool not really played around with it.

    Oh and View in IE – just in case for old time sake

  7. Once you got all the Extentions you want – Go grab some nice themes, oh and anything you install to firefox requires you to close and restart firefox for it to be available.

  8. If you download adblock, you may also wanna download this adblock list and import it – Tools > Adblock > Prefernces > Adblock Options > Import and load the file (saves you having to write all them darn hard regular expresions)

Now I’ve got you off IE and on to a nicer browser – watch how your blog breaks maybe..
Okay Onto Firewalls and the like, Me I use Zone Alarm Pro from Zonelabs, there is a free version or you can evaluate the Pro version, it’s at least 10x better than XP’s firewall, evan the free one is way better and both will stop stuff that XP won’t but it might bug you to begin with when it’s not got all the stuff you use that requires net access – instantly be able to tell if you have a trojen / virus though ;).Suggest you read the help that comes with it to understand it fully.
Now there are many virus scanners out there but well heck even Norton’s Own Tech support says Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) is crap – So Avoid, McAfee is good but you pay for that, AVG is good free, you can pay to get the Pro version with addition features:). There are free “online” scanners and virus removal tools generally you got a specific Problem you google the “problem” and you find a fix. Once you get the AV keep it up to date
Trojens are a pain but I think between Spybot SnD, Adaware, a good Anti-virus solution you should be able to avoid them but there is a program called “The Cleaner” by Moosoft that will scan and clean them trial available but you need to buy this not free.
Okay I think I’ve cover it and given you a free firewall, browser + tools, Anti-virus, spyware scanner, and an ad removal tool all free 🙂 (or nearly free).

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