In Light of Recent Posting (Pt. 2)

Okay Now on to Adaware SE

  1. Download & Install Adaware SE here it’s free also – gotta love good freeware.

  2. Run the software on first run / if not been run for a while it will tell you that the defintions file is x days old do you want to update, update it

  3. Click Start, 1st run do a full scan, subsequent runs do a smart scan but go make a coffee while it’s scanning.

  4. Once it’s done it will show you number of objects found and what types they are, click “Next”

  5. It will give you a list ignore “Negligible Object” just click on the box(es) with Critical objects in them and click “Next”

  6. IT will show a ? box with X objects will be removed. Continue? Click “OK” and your done

Now remember to regularly run both Spybot SnD and Adaware to keep the system in top condition, updating both as needed and Immunizing with Spybot SnD..
Next… Antivirus Solutions and Firewalls oh and a nice browser that actually works and is fast Firefox (Incase you ain’t used it yet)

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