The Week So Far.

Well let see the week so far.
Monday: Worked 7-7 half asleep looking, feeling shit but I made it, local holiday and It was my turn to work it.
Tuesday: Worked 7-9 and then got sent home but the Boss, got home, went to bed watched a few DVD’s, had some food, felt better..
Wednesday: Worked 7-4 back to normal hours only to fucking find out I may have to work Sunday Mornin’ 😐 I’m saying NO More.
Sharon is alive and posting 🙂
Thanks Boss.

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4 Responses to The Week So Far.

  1. D Brooks says:

    you doin over here Gopher? Feelin any better?

  2. Gopher says:

    Heck DB Im fine, can’t keep my down for long.

  3. Chase says:

    Gopher, tell him to shove it. Maybe you can help him by cramming it a little further with your boot, Ha!-Chase

  4. Chase says:

    your bwtp time is a little off. your blog says it is 6:08 am here, and it’s 10:08 here. If there really is a here… for a place that doesn’t really exist….Where am I ? Is anybody else hungry ?-Chase

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