Sunday Evenin’

Well it’s now sunday evening and well this is the first time I’ve actually felt okay enough to post anything. Let’s just say it’s been one of those days, I did wake up at 9 with a clear enough head (just about – hmm last time I drink white wine – might not have been the cause). I decided to get some more sleep, got up about 1pm (i know terrible) had some tea and toast, came on here to see who was about and read a few new posts and to post something of my own and I basically had to go back to bed as well I felt sick 😦 head was pounding and I ached in a few places. I’m just about there now, after being sick and managing to find something i could eat. I feel human again just about. I have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow as Im working (even although it’s a holiday and Im sure I was meant to get this one off – but hmm somehow I got the last one as I was on holiday [didn’t deliberately do that]). Grrr to all day working, well that and the fact on early shift all week.. Good luck to Sharon for her operation tomorrow.

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