What a random post topic this is, on reflection i suppose I got the idea from the word pictures on Sharon’s site, the word popped into my head this morning at work, so while still at work I wrote out on a few sheets of A4 paper the entire content of this post minus basically this paragraph.

Well I thought it was about time I wrote something like this, time to be honest with you, I’ve seen what happens when others are honest on their blogs. Well what to can I say about me, in no particular order since this is my thoughts and my thought patterns here.

I’m not really a morning person, on the weekends I like to wake up around 11am, but during the week depending on what shift I’m on at work, I can be up at around 5:30 or around 8:15. Obviously At 5:30 all your likely to get out of me is “mornin'” and maybe a yes or no answer to a question or a nod / shake of the head, until I’ve woken up but that which doesn’t really happen till I’m at work. I’m a bit more responsive at 8:30 after I’ve had a quick shower Im obviously more awake. Breakfast for me is a nice slice of toast and a nice fresh made cup of tea.

I get cranky when I’m hungry or tired , worse if both. This is very true, to some people im more cranky than with others, also if you annoy me enough your gonna get it with both barrels right between the eyes.

As I kid I used to have a quickfire temprament, but quick I mean quick basically if you’d annoyed me in the time it’s taken you to read this I’ve acted on it. I calmed down a lot in the years since then.

Also as a kid all you’d have had to do was ping my nose and it would start to gush the red stuff, that has calmed down now as well only goes off if I’ve got a bad head cold.

I’m only 5’2″ but like I’ve said ya don’t wanna mess with me. I have a spinal condition called “scoliosis” basically it means curved spine, hmm so kids don’t slouch unless you wanna end up with a spine shaped like a helter skelter which is basically what happens or can happen. I could have an operation to fix it but well there is a good chance I’d end up in a wheelchair so Im not doing it unless it starts to cause me constant pain. I only occationally bothers me normally it’s my lower spinal muscles that lock up only i’ve i’ve been lifting something heavy or leaning over something for a long time that it annoys.

I’m 30 soon to be 31, well in 5 days from now to be precise and honest.
Thus im a librian and as such I can rarely decide on things, it makes life a little tricky / interesting as some of you can imagine being librians yourself or being married to / engaged to / going out with one.

I like people to tell me the truth when I ask them even if I might not like the answer. I dislike when people lie to me unless there is a valid and good reason behind it, sometimes it is required. Believe me being honest at the start is more often than not better thatn being found out in the end!

I may actually put a scan of this handwritten post I don’t know yet.

I have two sisters who I love even if they are a bit of a pain at times. I have one nephew (see previous posts about him 🙂 ) whom I adore. I have NO brothers that I consider alive, I have one but well he’s dead as far as I’m concerned, don’t ask why, just know it’s something terrible enough that I’d disown him (previous post kinda fills it in).

I am my own worst critic, I hate many things about myself but I live with it, I also hate those aspects in others.

I once did one of those tests at school where you fill out a big list of questions about your likes and dislikes by colouring in boxes where 1 was strongly like and 5 was strongly dislike and it did come back with some interesting results from what I can remember of it, it came back with professions such as “nurse”, “social worker” and the caring kind of work, I dismissed them all at the time well this was around 18 years ago. It took me 2 years of Uni (which didn’t work out – I only have my friends from then and only the basics of memorys of the good times) and 5 years of being out of work and doing training courses to figure it out and find myself again. I found i was a good listener somehow and that I’m kinda alright at looking after people. So maybe it was just about right after all. I like helping people, again a few of you know this already :). Maybe I should change a few things here but no, I don’t think I’ll do that yet. “Councilor Gopher” has a ring to it no? but then again I could never charge anyone for the advice I’d give out, so maybe no-one would take my advice seriously.

You’ll no doubt have noticed im well versed in the subtle art of sarchasm, it’s the way I greet people with a joke in my heart and well sometimes it works, I’d say it works rather well. I mean I’m sure you can tell when I’m being serious and when Im being sarchastic. Oh say I don’t think I will post this pencil written script online as well you’d have to take 3 days to decypher and decode the writing and well (this is page 3 halfway down or so).

I hope this helps you to understand me and the way I think a little more afdter all a little honesty goes a long way. Im sure a few of you can relate to that 🙂
Time to write post: 39 minutes

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