Only in the US

At work today, having lunch so decided to have a quick read a newspaper that had been left but they weekend staff, it was in the “Sunday Express” so it’s their story which I going to run snippets from and since they don’t appear to have a “newspaper archieve” I’ll have to just read it from the A3 > A5 copy i have in front of me.
Now it looks like a normal shop, 3 stories high on 5th Avenue, nice swanky place. Wait what’s that it’s a Toy Shop “America Girl Place” where the only thing they sell cost you $85 and well that’s just the begining, you have to accessorise don’t cha?
Well each “doll” is themed to corrospond with a particular era of American History. That’s right folks it’s a Doll store. It has boutiques, beauty salons, restraunts and even a thetre but its still a doll store, oh and the beauty salons are for the dolls to get a cut n blow dry in. I’m serious folks.
There are full wardrobes, pets, even a health and beauty spa – by appointment only no less. I’ll quote some of the prices for things for a doll bag – $58. An escaped civil war slave doll who has to have her $159 trunk to accompany her. I mean you can go to a dolls tea party it’ll cost ya though, a birhday tea will cost between $32 and $60 a head. It’s a day out in itself just to see it all but if you go make sure you’ve just remorgaged the house or inherited a bundle…

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