Man whata day.

To borrow a phrase from Mr Dax..
Just Damn, that’s how I kinda feel right now my lower spine is protesting lots.. Hmm muscles in that area feel like they wanna lock up.. 😦 well I did get out the office in to the fresh air I suppose. Screw that, that’s not gonna happen again for a while, mind you not gonna be needing to go to that site again for a while at least. Well until they move the portacabin we have all the gear in..
Hmm now simple job todo really: Move Monitor, DVR, adsl modem, the phone line and power for a camera and the coax for it as well.. Simple enough well hmm
1st I find out that instead of being a secondary socket which I can take off the wall, replace with a junction box and move the socket else where it wasn’t It was a master socket and well in this country you ain’t allowed to touch one side of it, you can wire into it as it’s got a connector block in a part that can be taken off to allow for this. The route we had roughly planned out to take the phone cable (for which I used Cat 5e – well it’s up to spec enough) couldn’t find a way to get the cable that way, ended up having to take it the long route around a solid wooden fence.
2nd Typical of a now EX-employee there was cabling everywhere, nothing marked up on nothing so I had no idea what was what, thankfully nothing was really needed so I could disconnect it all.. Which took time..
3rd I though there was like normal a power switch at the bottom of the camara pole as I need to supply power to it to allow me to move it.. was there erm… NO! had to put a join in that well I wasn’t happy about but it’s done
4th Again thought there would be a join the coax cable at the bottom no had to make one myself, I then had to feed those two cables through a piece of flexible conduit to hide it as much as possible..
I then had to take all 3 cable: phone, power and coax to the portacabin and in, had to take the cable up on to one portacabin, across to another and then finally on to the one where the equip was going, tidy it all up cable ties every so often, some stuck to side of the cabins, going around the cabins avoiding the mains power from the generator as much as possible..
I then have to find a way of putting the cable through the wall of the metal cabin, found a space thankfully. I was then about to connect it up and well it was break time for the guys on site. We got part of the site canteen to put our stuff.
We wait, finish tidying up stuff, packing stuff we don’t need and stuff that’s going back in the van.
Finally able to get it, hook up the phone, test it. Thankfully it worked, otherwise me would have been well I won’t swear but you can imaging my words.
Then got the system set back up again, it fires up, camera movable, remote connection up, remote movable :).. Done, dusted, tidy up and go home
I arrive on site: 10:30 am
I Leave the site: 4:30 pm
I finish work at: 4:00 pm
Thus I came home, having not eaten a thing since 9am when i had a rather nice roll on sausage.. No Coffee, no Tea, no nothing.. Im amazed I was still able to operate at 3:30-4pm. Hmm need to appologies to colleage who was with me and who finishs at 7pm was a bit short / rude by that end.. But I was totally fucked..
Anything said about it tomorrow will get THAT LQQK..

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