Y’all Here?

Thank ya chase, man. I move right in, Wow Nice lot, Nice Plaid 🙂
For those who don’t know where I’m talkin’ about head to The Blog World Trailer Park. Stop by and say Hi to Chase, Suzanne, Moogie, Sharon, KB, Garrison, Chewy, Jackie, The Chief Slacker, Kim in her double wide or is it 2, everyone else and don’t forget Blog Ho in the alley out back.
Hmm now where did I put the Banofee Puddin’. A found it, hmm sweet.
I think I might just have cook out.. Anyone for grilled whole scottish trout – it’s real nice, just don’t tip the whisky sauce on it while it’s still cookin’ otherwise you gonna end up will like you been to the beauty shop and had your eyebrows all plucked out..

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One Response to Y’all Here?

  1. Chris says:

    welcum ta tha park. tew bad yew missed tha pig rowst, we shur did half a gud time!

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