An a Mazing Day afternoon.

Well the sun might not have been shining much but it was a fun day out with the nephew and my sister once more. We went to Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze it was fun we got lost for about an hour in the maze, well not so much lost as navigating our way around finding various flags poles with clues along the way, as the maze was laid out like Nelson’s Flagship and we had to “sail” around getting the various clues in order to solve the 2 puzzles. The first puzzle was realitivly simple match the flag up the flag pole to it’s pair on the list that was there, each picture on the list had a letter, you wrote that letter in the square provide. The second part was a little tricker it was in semaphore but we had a semaphore decoder on the sheet we got handed to write it down on. The first once solved gave the name of the ship we were to avoid and the second gave us the name of the captain of the ship it was fun. Now your thinking it’s a maze what makes it special apart from it’s shape well if I tell you that the “walls” were made out of corn plated to represent the shape. Oh and the maze changes year on year so next year it will be something different. There is also a play area next to the maze with pedel go-carts and trampolines and other things to keep the kids amused. Now if your really don’t want to do any of that it is possible to go there and simply pick all kinds of fresh fruit (you pay for what you pick, but you pick it – pre picked is available but obviously it cost more) you can pick strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrents, redcurrents, gooseberries and something i’ve never tried but I think it’s a cross between a raspberry and a blackcurrent, tayberries. Oh and I can recommend the strawberries *yum*

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