the day trip out.

Thanks to sharon for reminding me inadvertantly about posting this. Well since I’m on holiday and the younger of my two sisters had some how managed to book the same 2 weeks off work we decided to take my nephew to a local steam railway and train museum. The train you see pictured is the very one they use. It was fun, it was also momentous in that both my sisters and I went together, now I’m 30 and put it this way we ain’t went out like this in my lifetime. Anyway the museum itself is over a nice footbridge over the railway line and my oldest sister has a little bit of trouble with bridges so I took my nephew over armed with a camera, I’ll try and see if I can’t get some pics up online at some point, it was fun they had a set of points all set up with sets of lights that you could change to the various modes and it didn’t let you change the points until both were red, was really good. They had trains from yesteryear there it’s was a really good afternoon out. We went back over the bridge and we could hear the steam train as we walked back to the ticket office, of course by this time my nephew was hungry so we had something to eat and then boarded the train for the journey upto an abandoned clay mine which we didn’t go and visit all my nephew wanted to do was watch the train as it moved back past the coach we were in to the other end of the train for the journey back. You could feel the power of the train as it pulled I mean Really feel it. Of course no trip out was without some shopping getting done which we did before hand of course where we went had to be next to a train station didn’t it. My nephew was going to wait for the next train which would have been about 25 minutes as I thought we’d just missed one but as per normal we got lucky and it was running a little late, so we got pictures of it and he still wanted to wait, cheeky little scamp that he is. I managed to persude him otherwise, we would have been left and my 2 sisters would have gone home (hey they would have you know). All in all it was a good day apart from when my older sister insisted we had to be back home for 4 so she’d be in when my brother-in-law would be home. I was in the back of the car beside my nephew so I didn’t see the wringing of hand and the glaring between traffic and the watch. Gotta love sisters sometimes eh!

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One Response to the day trip out.

  1. Melonie says:

    This was a lovely post. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I want you to let my brother know that sisters can be wonderful sometimes :).

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