Dear Melonie

Hi Melonie, I found your blogger template and found out the people who are hosting can’t fix it nor can those fine people at blogger-help or whatever site it was just google bambou blog template and it’s the 1st one.
Well looking at the fixes they suggest I went a scanning and hunting.. looked very closely at image. When I say close I mean I could make out individual pixels, found the margins to use, fixed them all – works sweet and the content all behaves within the confines of the areas they are meant to (or so the Theory goes).

If you want me to add in the links / coding you’ve put in, e-mail me the code or where I can find it so I can add it as adding it from the “blog” has “strange!!!” results and I mean that with a capital STRANGE!
Anyway I better go now as I’ve got to be up in under 6hrs.. me forget time flys when having fun…

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