A Challange.

Hmm here is one for you!
Try and figure me out. I’m serious here – I can’t figure me out so come on give me a hand here, that was the whole point of me starting this blog / the DD pages before it was to have a written record of me and my musings to help me figure me out..
Why else would I describe myself the way I do..
“A Chinese puzzle in an enigma – best way to describe me.. Off the wall in many many ways…”

Oh and I thought instead of guess blogging pen pals maybe just a side thought..
See good looks run in the family (well kinda)

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2 Responses to A Challange.

  1. Jen Jea says:

    I reckon you keep learning about who you are the older you get. Everyone changes so it’s hard to pinpoint some things.I know I’m not sure who I am, I just get used to surprising myself from time to time 🙂

  2. Gopher says:

    Very True my adopted lil sister. Hmm you surprise me sometimes as well ;).. Catch you somewhere, sometime eh X

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