Gee Wiz

Hmm given the comment from Melonie I think I’ll withhold letting him blog for a while.. Unless I want him eaten alive so to speak.. your right he’s cute and cuddly and has a way of getting his own way.. Mind you I sure many bloggers out there could handle him easy.. Eh Sharon, Melonie, Moogie, Fiesty, Dax too, maybe even Zonker might manage, as I’m sure Eric and da V-man would handle him no bother.
Hmm why do I suddenly think of the Film Lilo and Stitch..
where Experement 626 aka Stitch say “… I’m also cute and fluffy…” or the like.. Your getting my point.. Oh he’s needs aren’t much really, Plenty to do, kids “food”.. you know.. Hmm well hmm I think I’ve posted enough useless information for one post.

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One Response to Gee Wiz

  1. Sharon says:

    It was a good idea though…. 🙂

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