A Thought..

Hmm well during a conversation I had with the lovely Melonie she gave me an idea well not so much an idea as a thought.. A Fan club for my 7yr old nephew.. Well he’s cute..

See Told you he’s a cutie – like I can be 😉 Well what I though given something I saw via Christina’s Blog at For A Breath was letting you kid/kids do a guest apperence on your or like amelie allowed a guest blog by her blog sibling.. You get the idea don’t you.. hmm the pic is the latest school photo of my nephew Connor otherwise known as Trouble and a few other names… Anyways just a thought Must dash I have to be up at 5:30am but I thought I need to put this idea into my blog before I erm what was I saying oh yeah forget.. Hmm I’d need to ask my sister’s permission if I wanted him to guest on my blog, she’s the boss mind you she managed a not bad job a bring me up so my nephew is in good hands.. It’s a long story and maybe some other time I tell you it or some of it.. Hmm or would that let you too close into the workings of my mind..

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4 Responses to A Thought..

  1. Melonie says:

    Oh Gopher, my girls would love him. He would never survive this house he is so cute!

  2. Christina says:

    A cutie, that one!

  3. Sharon says:

    Yes he is very very cute….

  4. Julie says:

    What a beautiful child!

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