A week ago Today

Hmm This is a seprate Post because it needs to be..
It’s a week since the Bombings in London, it seems longer
Suicide Bombers indeed, from what I’ve read and heard on the news the kids that blew themselves up were like you and I, well up to a point. They were hard working, were deep in the muslin faith but someone whispered in their ear a posionious tale that lead to this momement. I’d love to quote what the Driver of the bus that Blew up said but I can’t remember exactly but it summed up what Britain stands for, what makes you who you are.. Last Thursday was a slap in the face, Not something you do to britain or a british city because we slap back only harder..
There was a 2 minute silence around the world at 12 Noon BST, observed most poinently in places where the bombers have hit, Bali, Madrid, New York..
Im proud to be Scottish, proud to be British, I don’t judge you on your colour, your creed, your faith.. If you piss me off, it is something you’ve said or done not anything else.
God is watching, he’s keeping score, he knows where everyone’s going when they die
Allah is beside him, looking down and frowning, wondering what twisted muderous person is perverting his teachings, his teachings of peace.
To quote a film for a second:
“It is not about Anger, it is about Peace”
“It is not about knowing your enemy, it is about knowing yourself”
there is a third line that escapes me but you get the drift. Be a peace with yourself be at peace with those around you.. If you know yourself, you know your enemy too strange but true..

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