Hmm Saturday

Hmm what a nice day it’s been, okay maybe not superb but then again I wouldn’t be posting this right now if it was superb cos I’d still be at T in The Park, rocking away to who ever was on stage.. Hmm mind you never been to concert / gig / outdoor event type thing in my whole life so I don’t really know what I’m missing just what I see on TV…
It’s been Nice and sunny all day, bit too warm for me and my poor pc’s
Got a nice book today on PHP, MySQL and Apache – looks really good, been meaning to find a book on all 3 really, thought I’d end up with 3 books, nope got it in 1..

I can’t believe only 1 person left a comment on my last post… Even a comment to say what a load of Bull it was or something, I take critique on the chin you know.

Okay Back to doing what I was doing which is Chatting on Yahoo chat ( in Computers Lobby:1 why and not, I suggest you go to and see why it is erm well just too weird..

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