London Calling…….

I know what I said yesterday but somethings just have to be said..
No doubt many of you will have heard about the bombings in London, Many places have good live coverage of what is happening but I’d just like to make a small point
London my heart goes out to those who have been killed or injuried, their family and friends as well.
I want to make a small point, this is my own opnion but it counts.

  • This was Not Religously Motavated

  • This was Not Race Related Attack

  • This was a Cowardly Dispicable Act

A few points to be noted about London

  • In 1940-41 The Luftwaffe bombed London, tried and failed

  • The IRA has tried to several times and Failed

  • Building have been blown up but again Failure

Failed, Failure to do what.. To Kill the british spirit that one thing that binds all of us, no matter our montery status, our colour / creed or religion. Young men, woman, father, mother, sons, daughter have fought for this country in various parts of the world to make sure the British Spirit never dies, to make sure that the people we are fighting for and against know what we stand for.. Okay people have been killed, injuried but we will recover it will take time, but we will do this..

Heres how to beat the Terrorist
Go around to your neighbours, check they are ok
It doesn’t matter if they are white and you aren’t or vice versa.
If they are muslin and you are Christian.
Religion doesn’t matter, colour doesn’t matter
Go around make sure they are okay..
Do something you wouldn’t do, go to church, a mosque, temple or other religious site better yet go to one that isn’t of your religion, find out about the custom first, go listen, understand.
That is how to beat Terrorists, show a UNITED FRONT not a divided one..
UNITED in grief, UNITED in understanding..
Brother, Sister hear my words, hear my call, do not hate those who are different from you, know that they are different, understand them, many cultures, one race – this country is a diverse mix, Hate has no place in your heart – hate only those truly deserving of it.. Those who attempt to put fear in your heart through the use of the BOMB..
Do NOT Give in to it.. Fear cannot hold you if you don’t let it hold you sway..

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3 Responses to London Calling…….

  1. Sharon says:

    Excellent post, Gopher, excellent, excellent. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Jen Jea says:

    I agree with that too.BTW hope Stu’s ok!Might try to pop into chat later on to check everyone’s fine.

  3. Gopher says:

    All is well with my best friend stu and his wife and everyone else that we know in london like Nigel, Hannah, Dave (Axiom) even nightjar is okay (okay not close but his mum and uncles are Civil Servents)

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