A Glorious Weekend

Well wow, what a lovely weekend it’s been, nice an sunny, a bit too hot of my liking but I did get out in it a little bit today.
Went up to sister’s so I could get help washing car cos I don’t like doing it but it needed done, ended up doing mine as her’s as well and getting little or no help (should have known). Was meant to be going meeting up with some on Sat but that didn’t turn out at all (Never mind it’s only me, unimportant me). Anyway back to today, lovely day, too hot to do much but washed car anyway.. Then nephew decided he wanted to play with his water guns… hmm with his friends who’d come over, sister though she’d got it timed perfectly so that the 2 that were there would be gone before his next friend got dropped off, well it almost happened that way, she was looking for 5 minutes peace didn’t happen. I ended up getting soaked not before I got nephew and his friend (who had his own water pistol) wet… nephew cheated though kept running in and out of house to stop us getting him… but we got him.
Was fun, it was only water but what fun and it gave sister peace (sort of for a little while) Just shows you what can be done with a little bit of water don’t it..

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One Response to A Glorious Weekend

  1. Müzikdüde says:

    Ahem…I don’t need psychiatric care. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt…but I don’t NEED it.;P

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