A Film / Turned Down Again..

I gotta say I was looking forward earlier on to seeing Batman Begins with my good friend but she sent me a cryptic text saying “I cannot go” turns out she had to work late, so why didn’t she put that in… I replied saying Ok, No problem, I’m gonna see a film, see you monday… replies with “I’m still at work” but I think what they hey, I was planning on going out so I’m darn well tooting going out and I did and I had said that to my friend earlier in the day that I was gonna see a film with or without her… Hmm should have seen it coming..

So I went and Saw “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” good film, not really for kids, some good stunts in it and oh yeah more than a few bullets… Hmm i enjoyed it dispite the fact I needed to “go” most of the film, I held on… darn knew it was a bad idea to drink Pepsi Max before the film but I had time to kill so I killed it by drinking finished it, got my popcorn and a 2nd drink incase I needed it… ate most of my popcorn before 15 minutes of the film was done, mind you had been sat there listening to music / trailers / additional trailers / the movie for about an hr..
Also let’s just say it’s good a few momements of absolute comedy..

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