Doh! or should that be Double Doh!

Do you hate it when you click on the “Save as Draft” button instead of publish post button on a post and then forget and go back the next day and not notice the post is missing and post then realise it’s missing and go to start typing it again and notice a “draft” post which is Identical to the one that is “missing”. Well I didn’t quite re-type the post I checked before I did that..
If anyone is really good with MS Access 2000 databse stuff, HELP!, I’ve dug myself a hole and can’t get out, I try something and it refuses to work I think I’m gonna have to start from scratch and redo the whole database, all the tables, forms & the query I’ve done so far as it’s just too plain I want to be able to change the “style” but I can’t seem to be able to do anything but change the color, oh well… Insanity here I come, oh and I need it done by erm yesterday..

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One Response to Doh! or should that be Double Doh!

  1. Melonie says:

    Gopher even better than hitting the save as Draft button I hit publish and then some force of nature, a child, a dog, husband or something invariably unplugs the computer.

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