A helping hand for bloging

Okay I know many of you out there are driven to distraction at the fact that your latest incarnation of your blog looks great in X but not in Y…
here is what I do.
go to the template tab and copy the entire template, blogger spefics and all and then paste it into my favourite text editor which is UltraEdit it’s a good all round editor but it’s not freeware, it has syntax highlighting, i.e all the HTML Tags get highlighted, it also offers auto indent, which is great if your doing stuff and want the whole thing to follow on below it so it’s all neat and tidy

This is a section of the template for this side.. see how it’s all laid out?
you get what I’m on about now?
Also it lets you see how it looks in a browser window. I have both IE 6, Netscape and Firefox installed on here so I can do local previews of pages.
the Url for UltraEdit is
you won’t actually see any of the “content” just some strange things like $BlogDescription$ etc as they only work on blogger itself.
Now once you have it “playing” how you want, save it as an html file that way you can go back and change that one rather than the one online – you may wish to save the images you use somewhere, but I think most templates link images back to blogger anyway.
Now all you need to do is the reverse of what you did earlier and copy the whole template back into the “Template” on blogger and do a preview to make sure it’s done right.. if so Save and your done if not.. you have a local copy you can play around with some more…
Hope all that helps.. if not e-mail me šŸ˜›

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One Response to A helping hand for bloging

  1. Melonie says:

    Thank you Gopher. Apparently I do not work well in Firefox, or my blog does not work well in Firefox.

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