Re: We Completly 0w3nd th3m…

Hmm I can see 1 confused commenter… hmm well how can I clarify this..
my Clan 7.62SQ play a game called Joint Operations which has 2 versions, one is an add-on to the other basically.. Now given that. If you say your “0wn1ng” someone it means your killing them repeatedly in whatever game your playing, but giving them a sporting chance to fight back.. so when I say “We Completly 0wn3nd” them we did just that kept killing them, kept them out of the scoring zone aka the “Hot zone” as there are various map type you can play on the game and the one we were playing is called “Team King of the Hill” where the “hot zone” is the hill and you score points for being in the zone and for killing the enemy who are attacking the zone or who are in the zone defending and a whole lot of other things too, like reviving people if your a medic.. Plus things like killing them with a headshot and double kill (a rarity – 2 people with 1 single bullet).. I hope that clears this up…
If not please feel free to go to the 762sq link on my sidebar..

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