We Completly 0w3nd th3m…

Well as some of you may know I’m a member of 7.62SQ Clan. I decided after much deliberation to rejoin after I left, Call me INSANE but well it had to be done. Played for a few games in a match last night and did not bad.. We had another match tonight and well what can I say we totally 0w3nd them, that is to say we beat them hands down..
Now what is so special about this as we normally win every map we play? Was that the other squad was ex-7.62SQ members that had erm left cos the didn’t like Team Leader Freak’s way of doing things, ya see he’d been busy and left them in temporary charge of things and well the power went to their heads, when he came back they weren’t happy said that he wasn’t doing enough for the squad as in getting match play and such so they left and formed a new squad called TAF – Tactical Assult Farce sorry Force… well they came on our server a while back and talked shit about “owing” us when in fact they joined when 1 side was winning and basically did no real work. So we went into thier Server with spoof names and took the piss, they banned basically all of us and wouldn’t accept a friendly match, so we got another squad to challange them and borrowed their server for the evening and went in with thier tag on, and different names I went from being Gopher 7.62SQ to F.A.R. Jesus , well I was a medic and we all know “Jesus Saves” :D. Well we won 3-1 and in the map we lost we won over all on kills it was only because they managed to get to the “hot zone” and keep it they they won, it was a narrow victory a matter of 10 seconds zone time… but after we won the 4th map, Freak said “You’ve Just Been Owned by 7.62SQ” and then we all went and said who we were, lets just say SB (TAF leader) then said we was “cheater” but we 0wned them TOTALLY… It was funny to say the least….

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2 Responses to We Completly 0w3nd th3m…

  1. Melonie says:

    Huh? Maybe it is my American point of view, but I am clueless as to what you are referring to. In my defense I asked Sharon and she didn’t know either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is sad, and members of 762sq have been rumoured to have been cheating around that time. Now 762sq had very nearly collapsed but have moved website and possibly renamed themselves. Freak is a decent guy SB is a total wanker but i don’t want to defend either as they are both noobish clans

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