Close to the heart…

I heard in the news about the singer Kylie Minogue having been diagnoised with breast cancer and thought hmm there are many things in live that can appear and don’t respect any kind of barriers of race, creed, color, sex one of these is cancer. Delta Goodram had non hogkins lymphoma – but she’s cured now and back to singing.. I wish Kylie all best and pray she recovers quickly – I know she has the love of her family around her..
Now lets get to the meat of this post why is this post close to my heart, why am I waffling attempting to fill the space up with almost meaningless words, well hmm as I said Cancer has no respect for age, race, color,creed, sex.. I has visited my family, my mother had cervical cancer, now okay this was a few years now, she’s fine now, got given the all clear after the course of treatments she recieved and only need to go back for check ups now and then, she is a fair age.. 70 this year. I came along late in life, but back to my mum.. I did think for a while what if!? what if I lose her, I knew deep in my heart I wouldn’t, not to this as she was a fighter and had her faith in god, the doctors who cared for her and the surgeon who operated on her to remove the cancer, she said once that god’s hand had guided the surgeon to remove it as she’d prayed for help.. I knew then she’d be safe, I gave her help around the house as she recovered but that dropped away. But she’s better now, healed, proof that there is life after cancer. Proof there is a god, an angel watching over us, the ones who have lead selfless lifes, do selfless acts.. those who are mothers, who care..
Mind you there is another thing that is tearing her apart now, but I’m working on sorting that out head on… If you want some info on it read here and maybe read a few of the next entries as well, it might not make any sense but trust me it hurts….. but I’m gonna fix it now…
I have an idea, take the bull by the horns, the only one who is gonna lose out if it all goes wrong is me.. but i matter little, if I can get my sister the boneheaded one and my mum talking again.. if I lose what will I lose, I’ll never see my nephew again ever.. but it’s a price I’m willing to pay, He’ll miss me I know it’s not fair on him, he’s 7 and I don’t wanna do it but I must… Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna have to go dry my eyes..
Est Sularus oth Mithas – My Honor is My Life (Old Solmanian – Dragonlance)

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  1. Sharon says:

    Excellent post….

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