Hmm well had a really good fecking day yesterday… My good friend & his girlfriend were meant to come over and visit me… I even got a bottle of Tia Lusso in (It’s like Bailey’s Irish Cream but with Tia Maria instead of Brandy – quite nice on the rocks)
But they didn’t turn up, no phone call, no message, not even a simple text message to say sorry mate can’t make it over and I still don’t got a reply to the text message I sent him wondering where he was from last night…
To say I’m a tad fecking bloody annoyed would be a minor UNDERSTATEMENT…
But never mind I had something to fill my time in with, chating away to a good friend about how her and her boyfriend are doing.. Hmm can I say happy yeah I can say that word.. Now here I am sitting typing this and printing of Silver Wedding Invites 10 at a time (no more my printer gets kinda warm and the inkjets start to clog up and it stops printing in one of the colors which isn’t good at all..
Oh I might just mess around with the template some more… darken the colors slightly..

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One Response to Mates…

  1. Moogie says:

    That could be frustrating. I hope your friend is ok.

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