A Review

Okay Dax ya got me – true indeed, don’t worry that’s just me being “Random”, see my title does make sense…
Well actually i don’t know why I wrote that, I blame Moogie, it’s all her fault to start off with, well actually it’s a friend of hers who doesn’t have a blog but is in the same team that is Free-dc.org (note to self add link to sidebar for that..) well actually friend and an old tutor of mine who kinda persuded me to do the whole Distrubted Computer approach when SETI was new so blame the nameless one (you know who you are).. Then Moogie pointed me to her blog, then one day she said read this blog it’s very touching and thus sharon got added as a friend and they both worked on me and persuded me to move (hmm mind you an old friend made a note that she did suggest blogger to begin with lol)…
Hmm Well I was at dear diary for a while since someone persuded me thus…
Dax your added to the sidebar for your comment 😛 – feel free to link back to me if you wish…
Onward and upward

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