A quiet Tuesday

Hmm today at work……………….
That’s right nothing happened, day went kinda slow but thankfully gave me time to think and plan, well since no-one else was in office but me and my friend we were able to just chinwag at times, hope there is something on at cinema this friday so I can finally go to cinema with friend (darn it Nth time lucky) said I’d pay for everything since it’s her birthday etc… She don’t know about the flowers and hopefully she never will, might just have to erm arrange to have them with me on friday – hmm a possibility *one that saves me fuel – only a little but well maybe I might just surprise her*

Hmm Well that’s me caught up with the past Week (that’s right from 1st March till now all written today) It’s now 11pm and I’m gonna get some sleep (since I have to be up in 6 1/2 hrs)

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