My Nephew and Me…

Well I had fun last night, sister and her boyfriend went out last night for his and another friends birthday so I was looking after my nephew all last night, picked him up from football practice which is on the site of my old high school – well the high school is still there I’ve not been into the new building they put up yet, I still remember the old one… so got him home, had fun building models with megablock bricks (similar to lego but erm not lego) and watch jetix on Sky – well he likes watching Power Rangers and Robot Wars (which I like watching too) he is 7 (although him reaching next birthday might be a challange – Im sure a lot out there know what I’m on about).
Well let him watch Robot Wars, ran a bath for him, then hmm the darling some how managed to con me into let him stay up till 9:30 by which time it was getting dark so the blinds and everything were shut and he turned off the sky / TV / dvd with surrond sound – which I had to turn back on later… and then I had to read him a story with a voice that was starting to sound like kermit the frog was in there – it was a little croaky.. that took us to 10pm when I told him to sleep! which he did was a fun night, sat up waiting for them to come home which they did around 1am hmm randomly surfing sky channels – 800+ channels and All I could find was a James Bond Film that was on a channel I can get at home (I don’t got sky at home – kinda expensive).. then I watched some Family Guy, some really far out South Park episode and then randomly surfed around… got home around 2 and went to bed hmm woke up about erm 11am, got up then though hmm no and went back to sleep for 5 minutes (2 hrs more like) lol… Lazy Saturday

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3 Responses to My Nephew and Me…

  1. Sharon says:

    Hey, Gopher, you sound like you’re pretty good at this. We have lots of Mega Blocks. 🙂

  2. Moogie says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You are a great Uncle!!!

  3. That’s great. It appears you had a great time. Hope it continues. Nice site.

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