The Service….

Well this took a little longer to post as well erm I kinda took the night off doing much but printing A4 Invites for one of my sisters “Silver Wedding Anniversary”
Hmm don’t ya just love it when you set your computer to do a repeat copy run of something and it decides to stop using black to print out even when it’s not out of black, it did that on me got 10 out of 20 done and it stopped using black I was watching a dvd at the same time in another room – Multitasking or what lol and generally not really doing much as I was to put it mildly “In SHOOK”..
It’s a Annual Car Service, car was in good condtion I hear you ask, YEah it was in good condition a little bit of rust starting to appear (but that’s not done at a service)
NO I get a call at work after they had picked it up and started the service..
Service Company > SV
SV: This is ……, …. speaking, Sir the lower armature bushes on the front of the car need to be replaced as they are badly split, and the wheels realigned that will be £167.
ME: I go how badly are they split..
SV: Well they engineer has marked it in red sir, its needing done urgently.
ME: Okay go ahead
SV: Also sir they engineer recommends that you change the brake fluid out as well.. that will be another £22..
ME: I go Okay do that as well…
End of Conversation…
Brain starts adding up… 167 + 22 + 100 (what I though I’d be paying for service)
£ 289 – EEP!!!!
They phone back saying that’s your car ready sir we just to have some form of payment before we can get the car back to you… that will be £330
ME:Will ….. do
SV: yeah
ME: (procededs to give card details over phone) and Baulk at the price
They then phone me back saying they need me to come in and swipe my card as it’s one of the new ones that requires fraud prevention authetication (It’s one of them new [to the UK] Chip & PIN cards) and until payment is recieved the car ain’t going nowhere..
I attempt to phone parents to get dad to collece me – They don’t answer (and later claim to have been in at the time – but outside – Expletive)
So to say My bank account is a light is an understatment that’s practically all my spending for this month GONE already and my mum only just put my wages check in the bank on tuesday and it’s spent – £860 for a month and most of that spent on the car, well I still got another 200 to shell out between insuring in and paying back the loan I got out to pay for it…

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