Title: TBA

I can’t actually think of a title that remotely makes any sense but then again often when I do put one in, it doesnt’ always make sense..
What a interesting few days I’ve had at work, I actually did some work that is, not that I didn’t do work before you realise just this is different..
Finally getting around to moving the Call Centre or as I like to refer to it the Central Monitoring Station around, now you can imaging how much cabling is required to monitor 20+ sites on their own monitor, each site has reciever and recording units it goes like Rx > Recorder > Monitor..
So Coax needed from Rx to recorder > monitor and erm we have some in 1 proper 19″ Rack, some recorders in another smaller Rack + Recievers and other DVR’s stacked up – not very nice… + it’s a NIGHTMARE cabling wise…
Well Enter Solution 1 of 1: Move Monitors to other side of room where more sockets have been provided, move all the Rx / Recorders out of the room and rearrange them in the existing cabinet + 1 other 19″ rack cabinet (both of which are full – or will be once addition units come on line..
Sound simple enough, okay just need to cut 28 lengths of coax – why 28 well each keypad we use supports 14 Recivers don’t ask why they just do… so 2 keypads = 28 , now you can’t just leave that laying around nope it’s all in trunking on and through the wall.. Also we are adding a spot monitor so we can see what site the keypad is looking at rather than having to turn and find the correct one…
It’s all in hand well almost the “spot monitor” requires a bit of hardware that erm although simple in principle, I can’t find it anywhere (or maybe I’m being silly and not typing the correct magic words into google)
I just want the bloody thing to go from Site A to Site B by pressing buttons on the existing keypad no fancy stuff no need to record it, or do this that or the next thing to it (all of which adds to overall £££ :|)
Onwards to tomorrow where I can finish off the cabling, only started it on monday but I am getting a hand (just about)…

It’s a Funny Old World ain’t it…

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