What an Interesting Week

Well things is moving along at work…
Actually got some contructive stuff done this week…
My Work Area is almost sorted, just got a few things to resolve like where to find a Dual Monitor PCI Video Card… as the PC don’t got no AGP slot it’s old but I have to use it lol…
I’m not going to attempt to install linux on a machine for a while I’ve had erm a “interesting” time of it, Simple install failed – 1st Downloaded CD fails – error in the ISO, redownload a newer version checked the ISO – passed md5 check, and then I hit problems with my Video card… darn it need to find away of getting the drivers in…
I think Im gonna dig out my Rad 7000 and install that and replace the drive that annoyed me because it won’t play nice when I attempted to boot Knoppix (which is Debian Linux based but has smart autodetect)

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2 Responses to What an Interesting Week

  1. A Somebody says:

    Try using an nvidia card instead of an ati card, it works better in Linux due to the inbuilt support most distros have for nvidia.

  2. Gopher says:

    Hmm got it to work, did a temp swap drive and got knoppix to work…

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