Temporary "Something"

I have no earthly idea where my head was on Saturday / Sunday apart from UP ones own ass… Maybe as someone wrote I need to lighten up, maybe I don’t know, I truely don’t…
I’m like a caged tiger who’s cage bars have been removed yet who doesn’t leave the “cage”… It’s like I don’t know I’m missing some part of me or maybe its there but…… I say I’m strong but days like that I’m not, I just want the world to go away just for a while I just want to hide away I think… Is this wrong?
Am I going nuts / mad / insane / ……
Or is this perfectly normal..
I don’t know who am I or do I and just don’t realise it..

I feel on days like that about as stable as Urinium-235

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One Response to Temporary "Something"

  1. Sezrah says:

    hullo 🙂well i felt a bit like i was in the middle of a personal fight these past few entries, and not really knowing whats going on, and considering you said you’re no longer going to write here at dd i figured it was time to make my exittake care yourselfsez

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