A Small note to vistors (Edited)

This diary is full of some pretty personal stuff so could users please remember to not kinda spread most of this shit around… If I find that this is happening and I start getting shit from people about it I’ll make my Diary Private and Private it will stay…

3 Apr 2005 – I’m Sorry but the requested…..
Dear Reader, I’m sorry but erm I’ve decided to give up on DD period..
I might at some point in the future reserect this DD or maybe I’ll move it else where but I’m going to slowly remove entries from this diary month by month maybe doing 2 monthes a day I don’t know until it’s all gone…
Thank you for reading… Oh and erm In a few days I’ll be turning off anon commenting so if your not a registered on DD and you wanna post a comment (sensible ones only – any nasty one’s get Vapourised and if it’s repeated I’ll turn off Commenting period)

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4 Responses to A Small note to vistors (Edited)

  1. princessbride says:

    while i mean no disrespect, why have a public diary if you don’t want people to say things or spread ‘shit’ around? I’m sure most people will be sensative to your wishes but lots of people may voice an opinion too… no judgement here, just warning. Keep safe.

  2. Russell (Unauthenticated) says:

    smile gordon 🙂 have you considered chilling out a bit at times?

  3. Gopher says:

    Erm Simple Princess, I make it public because I have friends who don’t got a DD, I’m thinking of moving from DD at somepoint.. Russell, I don’t do chillin’ out… got that…..

  4. Russell says:

    true, have you possibly considered just relaxing a bit then? you seem stressed which isnt healthy..

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