What a week again..

Well this week has been interesting to say the least at work..
I’m still doing the bloody “Stock check” it’s not that there is a lot to do it’s just so mind numbingly repetatatative that erm I sometimes end up literally feeling like I’m going around in circles and getting nothing achieved.
Of course this has to be done around my “normal” job which is monitor the companies alarms in other places + monitor the barrier on site which means I have to move between rooms with boxes so I can count / check / re-check / give the smeg up checking it for the nth time and note it down… I’m *Thud*……
Sorry fell asleep there need caffine… I’ve got numbers and stock items going around in my head forwards, backwards and sideways too..
Argh! Thankfully I got paid this week so I have some money for erm well 5 minutes..

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One Response to What a week again..

  1. Sezrah says:

    spend it and spend it good!! 🙂

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